Anthony Reed 

‘ORDOS’ - Anthony Reed, March 2021

In the series titled 'ORDOS,' Anthony Reed delves into the haunting remnants of failed developments that grace the periphery of the enigmatic city of Ordos. Within this collection, one encounters incomplete concrete structures, their stoic forms gently reclaimed by the relentless forces of the harsh environment. Amidst this desolate landscape, we find contemporary art museums, sprawling 80,000-seater stadiums, and vast residential complexes, all suspended in eerie vacancy, as if held in anticipation of their future inhabitants. Reed captures the paradoxical essence of these "not yet abandoned but not yet inhabited" corners of the city, evoking an otherworldly aura.

As a photographer based in Shanghai for over a decade, Reed had heard stories of a 'ghost city' in Inner Mongolia. Intrigued by the idea of expensive art museums and ambitious infrastructure projects rising from the desert, he decided to travel to Ordos to photograph the city.

In 'ORDOS,' Anthony Reed presents a factual and unembellished visual account of the city's paradoxical existence. Through his photography, he encapsulates the dichotomy between human ambition and the relentless forces of nature, leaving viewers with a thought-provoking glimpse into the city's enigmatic past, present, and uncertain future.